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Photochemical & photobiological sciences


As populations in many parts of the world are projected to become more racially diverse over the coming decades, we must better understand the unique characteristics of the skin of populations with skin of color (SOC). This review aims to highlight important physiologic and clinical considerations of photoprotection in SOC. Ultraviolet radiation and visible light affect dark and light skin differently. SOC populations have historically not been informed on photoprotection to the same degree as their light skinned counterparts. This has exacerbated dermatologic conditions in which SOC populations are disproportionately affected, such as hyperpigmentary disorders. Patients should be encouraged to utilize multiple methods of photoprotection, ranging from avoidance of sunlight during peak intensity hours, seeking shade, wearing sun-protective clothing and wide-brimmed hat, and applying sunscreen. Ideal sunscreens for SOC populations include those with UVA-PF/SPF ratios ≥ 2/3 and tinted sunscreens to protect against VL. Although there have been increased efforts recently, more research into photoprotection for SOC and targeted public education are required to disseminate photoprotection resources that are patient-centered and evidence-based.

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