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J Am Acad Dermatol


Overview: To close gaps in atopic dermatitis (AD) care, we developed and analyzed aligned resource centers for patients/caregivers and health care professionals (HCPs).

Methods: The patient resource center was designed to support patients/caregivers in being more proactive in their AD care. The HCP-targeted resource center aimed to increase their awareness of AD patient perspectives and improve communication. Surveys were completed by users of both resource centers.

Results: Of the 1014 HCPs, 22% were physicians (30% specialists), 19% were nurse practitioners/physician assistants, 47% were nurses, and 12% were pharmacists. Approximately one-half of 801 patients (98% adults) reported that they only treat their AD when experiencing a flare, and only 30% were very satisfied with their care. Only 56% indicated that they make all decisions with their HCP, and only 22% of HCPs reported that they always involve their AD patients/caregivers in shared decision-making. Only 21% of patients always share preferences, goals, or concerns about AD with their HCP, and only 6% of HCPs rated their ability to ask about and understand the impact of AD on patients’ quality of life as “very good.” Actions that patients planned to take included proactive skin care, asking their HCP about additional treatment options, and telling their HCP about the impact of AD on their quality of life. Nearly 60% of 764 HCPs planned to educate AD patients/caregivers about treatment options and expectations.

Conclusions: These results highlight communication gaps between AD patients/caregivers and HCPs. Insights from these data can be used to improve shared decision-making.





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