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Study Objective: In 2020, the city of Detroit was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 162,000 reported diagnosed cases and 4,800 deaths. In response to anticipated availability of a vaccine, the Detroit Health Department developed plans for a drive-through mass vaccination site to help distribute the vaccine to the city’s population. We describe the Detroit City Mass Vaccination Site and its methods of recruitment, enrollment, site selection, and logistics. Discussion: Initial recruitment for vaccination was through traditional media means as well as the city of Detroit’s website. Interested individuals were instructed to call a dedicated scheduling line in addition to separate numbers for general inquiries and SMS based inquiries for vaccination sites. Individuals were provided appointments on the hour for both doses at the appropriate interval during the initial conversation. Methods: The TCF Conference Center was selected due to its central location, vicinity to the city’s vaccine storage site, capacity for large number of vehicles, protection from the elements, and availability. As vehicles arrived for appointments, they went through multiple checkpoints for confirmation of appointment and consent for treatment. Detroit police traffic control units aided with traffic-flow and vehicles were queued into two floors with a total of 27 lanes. On-site pharmacy was responsible for drawing, preparation, and delivery of vaccine doses to each lane. Once vehicles were confirmed for appointment and consent reviewed the vaccine was administered and vehicles remained in line for an observation period. Vaccine administration was documented on a CDC Vaccination Card and consent form was delivered to data entry workers from the Detroit Health Department for entry into the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). On-site EMS supervisor, EMS teams, and an on-site physician and were available for medical response. After observation, vehicles were directed by security for egress. Results: To date, the TCF Center Mass Vaccination site accounts for over 220,000 doses administered with 62.0% of those doses given to individuals identifying as Black/African American, 31.9% identify as White and 6.0% identifying as another race. Conclusion: As vaccination studies showed promise for efficacy, the City of Detroit developed and implemented a mass vaccination site to help to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the city. Multiple public and private partners assisted in the effort. While only a piece of the necessary response, to date we have provided in excess of 250,000 doses of vaccine and this model has proven effective at providing mass vaccination while the population remains vaccine limited.

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