83 Utilization of Ultrasound in Resuscitation Rooms in an Urban Level 1 Trauma Center

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Ann Emerg Med


Study Objectives: The resuscitation rooms of emergency departments (EDs) are resource rich rooms that are fast paced and costly to maintain and operate. Often times, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is used in ED resuscitation rooms as one of the resources for immediate diagnosis, to assist medical decision making, and aid the course of treatment. Unfortunately, failure of POCUS documentation along with the lack of patient charges may result in the possible loss of hospital revenue. The primary objective of the study is to assess the effects of educating residents on the importance of documenting POCUS procedures in resuscitation rooms into the patient chart and saving the image(s) to the US machine. Secondary objectives include assessing the types of patients utilizing the POCUS in resuscitation rooms, evaluating the documentation of procedures of POCUS, and to identify potential improvement in billing and revenue capture. Methods: This is an observational cohort study. 467 patients were included prior to resident education on US documentation and 498 patients were included post education. Documentation of ultrasound use and whether images were saved to QPATHE were summarized by counts, percentages, and 95% confidence intervals. Chi-square tests were used for the comparison between pre- and post-resident education and the t-test was used for the continuous variable. Significance was inferred at p





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