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Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine : CCLM / FESCC


BACKGROUND: Over the past few decades, parathyroid hormone (PTH) immunoassays have progressed through successive generations resulting in increased specificity and accuracy for detecting circulating PTH. With the introduction of third-generation assays, in which the biologically active PTH(1-84) is specifically targeted, the PTH(7-84) and other fragments are not detected. The specific recognition of only PTH(1-84) whole molecule allows for more reliable standardization and calibration than with the existing assays.

METHODS: Samples from patients on hemodialysis or with primary hyperparathyroidism and apparently healthy subjects were examined in different collection matrices (EDTA plasma, unspun EDTA plasma and SST) stored for 0, 24 or 72 h at room temperature to reflect the prevailing sample collection methods, shipping and processing conditions of centralized labs in the United States. Samples were analyzed by the LIAISON 1-84 PTH and N-TACT assays, and by three additional commercially available intact PTH assays.

RESULTS: Defined samples, prepared using two different standards (WHO 95/646 international standard and the synthetic Bachem PTH(1-84)), show little bias with the LIAISON 1-84 PTH assay, but not with the other intact PTH assays. Furthermore, PTH is stable for up to 72 h in plasma, but less stable in serum beyond 24 h.

CONCLUSIONS: The FDA-approved LIAISON 1-84 PTH assay is accurate and reliably measures the biologically active PTH molecule in plasma or serum stored at room temperature for up 72 and 24 h, respectively.

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