Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Quantitative histologic measurements of haversian bone remodelling were made of mineralized rib cross sections in 13 healthy rhesus monkeys. With the aid of previous tetracycline labelling, coupled with the Villanueva Osteochrome stain, Frost's quantitative bone analysis revealed that: a) the mean haversian bone formation rate is 0.359 z 0.186 mm2/mm2/yr; b) the mean number of osteoid seams/mm2 is 4.03 ± 1.64; c) the mean appositional rale is 1 33 ± 0 23 microns/day while the radial closure rate when all the labelled systems are corrected is 0.42 r 0.080 mm/year; d) the mean circumference of osteoid seams is 0.20 ± 0.031 mm; e) the observed data on rhesus monkeys showed a striking parallel with age-comparable normal human values — a significant relationship which will be further explored experimentally for potential human application, especially with reference lo metabolic bone diseases and other investigations related to bone.