Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


The authors' experience with the rare entity of sclerosing cholangitis suggests that several anatomical patterns of involvement of the extrahepatic biliary tract may occur. The involvement may include the intraluminal ducts segmentally or diffusely, or the process may primarily be external to the ducts as pericholedochitis. It may or may not represent one component of a systemic disease, particulady autoimmune disease. Although involvement may be diffuse, progression may be slow and compatible with many years of life. Long time followup is essential before any value can be assigned to a given modality of treatment. Carcinoma of the ductal system may be found after a more exhaustive examination or at autopsy. All efforts should be provided operatively, however, to relieve biliary tract obstruction. If this is not possible or provides only incomplete relief, steroid therapy should be administered.