Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


V. Radhakrishna


The immunological approach to neoplastic disease is gaining favor because malignant tumors are associated with immunodeficient states. Mesenchymal tumors have been seen in renal allograft recipients. The discovery of carcinoembryonic antigen, alfafetoprotein and other protein antigens associated with malignant diseases are other factors. Spontaneous regression of malignant neoplasm has been attributed to an effective immunologic process in the host. Identification of tumor specific antigens may explain these spontaneous tumor regressions. It may not be too optimistic to expect tumor vaccine of some sort within the next few years. B.C.G. and other nonspecific immunostimulants are under investigation for treatment of malignant tumors. Transfer factor has been extensively used in the last 20 years and seems to be useful in certain types of tumors. Immune RNA may be a reasonable approach to adoptive transfer of immunity.