Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Data presented are derived from one year of performing routine clinical anaerobic bacteriology by the roll-streak tube method. 826 specimens from 1508 (54.8%) contained anaerobes. 162 specimens were polymicrobic (19.6%) and contained 528 strains of a total of 1051 isolated (50.2 %). 479 blood specimens contained 525 strains of anaerobes. Propionibacterium, considered a contaminant, occurred 209/210 times in blood as the sole isolate. Bacteroides occurred alone or polymicrobically 308 times and comprised 54.7% of the blood isolates and 32.5% of the total anaerobic genera isolated. Clostridium, Peptococcus and Fusobacterium were the next most frequently occurring anaerobes. The roll-streak method is a means to competent anaerobe isolation. Its apparatus is not expensive and permits use of routine laboratory incubation equipment for anaerobic work.