Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Conrad R. Lam


A logical method of repair of esophageal hiatus hernia based on anatomic principles was proposed nearly 25 years ago by the late Phillip Allison. There was general agreement that his operation had advantages, but because of a disappointing number of recurrences and problems with reflux, more complicated operations were devised. Some of these involved plication of the stomach around the lower esophagus (Nissen, Belsey). In a series of 562 operations for hiatus hernia at the Henry Ford Hospital, there has been no significant deviation from the Allison technic. Complicating lower esophageal rings (Schatzki) have been excised. There has been no example of a short esophagus which prevented placement of the stomach below the diaphragm. Residual reflux has not been a problem and the recurrence rate has been low (5%).