Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Aqueous microbiological and cytological studies were performed on 134 anterior chamber taps done on 118 patients both with and without uveitis. Cell wall defective bacterial forms (CWDF) were recovered from about 40% of these aqueous specimens and classical bacteria were recovered from 12%. A statistically significant difference could not be found between the incidence of bacterial cell wall defective forms in the various anatomical types of uveitis. There were hints from this work that the presence of CWDF In the aqueous was more frequent in younger patients with uveitis, early in the uveitis attack, if there were multiple foci of infection, or if there was a history of arthritis, sarcoid, or diabetes. Neither the number of previous attacks of uveitis nor the sex of the patient seemed related to the presence of CWDF The slit-lamp presence of many cells, dense aqueous flare, or of hypopyon appeared significant, as did the presence of mutton fat KP. The presence of aqueous CWDF seemed to be related to the presence of certain leukocytes.