Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Kenneth H. Luk


Microwave hyperthermia at frequencies of 2450 and 915 megahertz (MHz) was used to treat superficial measurable tumors of different histopathologies at various sites. Forty-seven patients received 59 courses of treatment; they were able to tolerate temperatures up to 42.5X1. Although hyperthermia alone (40°-42.5°C) did not produce an effective response, hyperthermia and radiation together (up to 2700 rad in nine fractions over three weeks) produced complete and partial responses in three-fourths of the treatment courses. The combination of hyperthermia and chemotherapy may have great potential, but confirmation of these clinical impressions will depend on a much larger series of patient data. We urge participation in cooperative studies such as the Hyperthermia Study Group of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group.