Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


We have studied the development of steroid-induced diabetes in a population of 143 renal allograft recipients who were nondiabetic before transplantation. Steroid-induced diabetes developed In 9.8% of patients. However, in blacks its incidence was significantly higher than in whites (17.3% vs 5.5% respectively; p < .01). The development of steroid-induced diabetes was not associated with a higher frequency of HLA-B8 or HLA-Bw15 in either race. In black graft recipients, HLA-B14 was significantly more frequent (p < .001) among those who developed steroid-induced diabetes than in insulin-dependent diabetic (Type I) and nondiabetic recipients. The clinical course of patients with steroid-induced diabetes has been similar to that of noninsulin-dependent diabetics (Type II).