Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Surgical management of 114 patients with colonic injuries related to trauma who were treated over a six-year period is reviewed. Eighty-three (73%) injuries were secondary to gunshot wounds. Twenty-six patients (24%) had isolated colonic injuries. The majority of patients (60%)) were treated with colostomies: exteriorization of the injury, repair with proximal colostomy, or resection with colostomy and mucous fistula. Exteriorization of repaired colon, primary repair, and resection with primary anastomosis were performed in 40% of the patients. Six patients (5.3%) in our series died, and 24% had complications directly related to the colon injury. Based on this study, no standard method for treatment of colonic trauma is advised. Colostomy is recommended for patients with massive multiple intra-abdominal injuries and gross fecal contamination. In selected patients, primary repair may be performed.