Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


A study designed to identify the location of a gene for multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN-2) is being performed using a single large family segregating for MEN-2A. Here we report our initial results using a set of DNA restriction fragment length polymorphisms spanning a 40 cM segment of the short arm of human chromosome 11. The locus for MEN-2 in this family is excluded from this entire region which includes an oncogene, c-Ha-ras-1, two hormone loci, insulin and parathyroid, and the five hemoglobin genes in the beta hemoglobin gene duster. This is the first exclusion of such a large continuous segment of the genome as a location for a gene for MEN-2. However, because genetic heterogeneity may exist for MEN-2, we cannot exclude the possibility that in some other kindred a locus in this region is responsible for MEN-2.