Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Use of in-line final filters to prevent the infusion of foreign particulates has lowered the rates of postinfusion phlebitis in several controlled studies. The systemic effect of particulate infusion, however, has not been thoroughly studied. In this study, 12 mongrel dogs recovering from a right pneumonectomy were studied following infusion of various-sized particulates. Ten of the dogs were infused with either 10 or 40 million, 9 or 25 μm, latex particles. The remaining two dogs were control animals. Hemodynamic parameters were monitored in each animal. At death or 72 hours following particle injection, the left lung was examined grossly and histologically. Changes in hemodynamic parameters were not seen. Three of the dogs became clinically ill 48 hours following microsphere injection. All dogs injected with particles had multiple discrete punctate areas of hemorrhagic pulmonary infarction. The control dogs showed no sign of clinical illness or pulmonary injury. More sophisticated animal and human studies are required to fully determine the physiologic effect of injected particles.