Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Anterior cruciate ligament disruption is a common injury that occurs in contact sports such as football. The treating orthopedic surgeon may elect any of a variety of therapeutic options. Surgical management may consist of primary repair of the torn ligament or replacement of the torn ligament with graft material, known as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACER). Many physicians, including radiologists, are unfamiliar with the surgical procedure or the expected postoperative radiographic appearance of ACER. Assessment of radiographs following ACER, as with many surgical procedures, requires understanding of the surgical procedure. We present our experience in assessing the postoperative radiographs of 24 patients who underwent ACER. We describe the expected postoperative radiographic appearance, based on the particular type of ACER performed, which allows the recognition of normal postoperative radiographic anatomy as well as sequelae or complications of the procedure.