Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


Documentations of morbidity and mortality of infants weighing over 2500 g who require intensive care, along with research to improve their outcome, have not received adequate emphasis in the literature. From 1981 to 1984 these infants accounted for 495 (40.1%) admissions and 16 (9.8%) deaths in Henry Ford Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. The most common diagnoses were hematologic diseases (24.6%), meconium aspiration (20.4%), respiratory distress/asphyxia (17.2%), congenital anomalies (13.8%), and infants of diabetic mothers (10.7%). Infant mortality was 56.2% from congenital anomalies. 25% from meconium aspiration, 6.2% from infection, 6.2% from maternal accident, and 6.2% from accidental neonatal asphyxia. About 44% of the deaths were potentially preventable. Investigative studies are recommended to improve the outcome of higher birth weight infants who require intensive care.