Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


To evaluate the effectiveness of ultrasound in the management of postpartum problems, ultrasonographic examination was performed on 98 patients with suspected postpartum infection. The study includes only those patients who did not respond to antibiotic treatment for at least 48 hours and those patients who were readmitted to the hospital with suspected postpartum infection. Echogenic tissue was found in the uterine cavity in 12 patients, and significant fluid collection was found in 24 patients. Gas collection appeared in the uterine cavity in five patients and around the uterine incision in four patients. Fluid collection was found around the uterine incision in five patients, and abscess formation under the abdominal incision was found in 11 patients. Although ultrasound was nondiagnostic in 31 of the 98 patients, information obtained by ultrasound could be used to reduce the duration of the infectious morbidity.