Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal


We have studied seven subjects with medullary thyroid carcinoma. Each had elevated basal serum calcitonin (CT) levels following total thyroidectomy. After subcutaneous administration of 100 μg of SMS 201-995, blood samples were collected at 60-minute intervals for six hours. Two patients showed a marked decrease of CT levels (patient A: baseline 565 μg/mL, nadir 150 μg/mL; patient B: baseline 1,632 μg/mL, nadir 416 μg/mL). The other five patients showed no significant change in comparison with saline infusion. Two patients were treated with SMS 201-995 (300 μg/day)for 90 days. One of these patients responded to the acute SMS 201-995 test and had CT levels persistently 50% lower than pretreatment values during this 90-day period. The other patient, whose CT levels did not decrease during the acute test, had persistently high values during this 90-day period but had relief of watery diarrhea even after the therapeutic trial was discontinued.