Submissions from 2019

Association study in African-admixed populations across the Americas recapitulates asthma risk loci in non-African populations, Michelle Daya, Nicholas Rafaels, Tonya M Brunetti, Sameer Chavan, Albert M Levin, A Shetty, Christopher R Gignoux, Meher Preethi Boorgula, Genevieve Wojcik, Monica Campbell, Candelaria Vergara, Dara G Torgerson, Victor E Ortega, Ayo Doumatey, Henry Richard Johnston, Nathalie Acevedo, M A. Araujo, Pedro C Avila, Gillian Belbin, Eugene R Bleecker, Carlos Bustamante, Luis Caraballo, A A. Cruz, Georgia M Dunston, C Eng, Mezbah U Faruque, Trevor S Ferguson, Camila Figueiredo, Jean G Ford, W Gan, Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, N Hansel, Ryan D Hernandez, E P. Herrera-Paz, S Jimenez, E E. Kenny, J Knight-Madden, R Kumar, L E. Lange, E M. Lange, A Lizee, P Maul, T Maul, A J. Mayorga Sirera, D A. Meyers, D L. Nicolae, R R. Oliveira, C O. Olopade, O Olopade, Z S. Qin, C Rotimi, N Vince, H Watson, R J. Wilks, J G. Wilson, S Salzberg, C Ober, E G. Burchard, Keoki L. Williams, T H. Beaty, M A. Taub, I Ruczinski, R A. Mathias, and K C. Barnes

Submissions from 2018

Perioperative anticoagulant use for surgery evaluation (PAUSE) study: A perioperative management plan for patients with atrial fibrillation who are receiving a direct oral anticoagulant, J Douketis, A C. Spyropoulos, J M. Duncan, M Carrier, G Le Gal, A J. Tafur, T Vanassche, P Verhamme, S P. Shivakumar, P L. Gross, A Y Y Lee, E Yeo, S Solymoss, J Kassis, G Le Templier, S Kowalski, M Blostein, Vinay Shah, E MacKay, C M. Wu, N Clark, S M. Bates, F Spencer, E Arnaoutoglou, M Coppens, D M. Arnold, J A. Caprini, N Li, K Moffat, S Summer, and S Schulman

Primary versus secondary autoimmune hemolytic anemia: A retrospective analysis of diagnostic patterns and treatment outcomes, Laurel Mueller, Hussna Abunafessa, Diego Cabrera-Fernandez, and Philip Kuriakose

Constrictive pericarditis presenting as isolated ascites, Christopher Ting and Junior Uduman

18 intubations and 1 missed diagnosis, A Wadehra, C Kraus, D L. Levine, and A Rolando Peralta

Antiplatelet therapy for patients with hemophilia after percutaneous coronary intervention, Peter Xie, Devin Malik, and Philip Kuriakose