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Background: Parameniscal cysts are an uncommon finding in radiology and often are associated with meniscal tears. While they do not always present with symptomology, if they do they may manifest with knee pain and require radiologic studies. We present an unusual case of a parameniscal cyst which appeared remarkably similar to necrotizing fasciitis. Case Report: A 60 year old male patient with a history of gout and previous gout exacerbations presented to the emergency department with knee pain. Despite the lack of systemic symptoms, his clinical picture in conjunction with the radiological finding of subcutaneous air made him suspicious for necrotizing fasciitis. Upon further imaging, it was concluded that the patient had a parameniscal cyst. Conclusion: This case is unique because it takes a relatively benign finding and differentiates it from something much more severe. This is the only case we know which this similarity exists.

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Air in Parameniscal Cyst: Alarming Appearance of a Benign Condition