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Clinical Simulation in Nursing


Background: Innovative peer-to-peer teaching has the potential to emphasize student self-Learning and reduce the workload of the instructor. Method: This single-blinded randomized crossover trial was conducted to evaluate whether peer-to-peer teaching is not inferior to standard teaching in basic airway management for undergraduate nursing students. Results: Forty-eight students with the peer-to-peer Learning had significantly higher skill rating scores with a Large effect size (Cohen's d of 1.07 (p-value .002) for oropharyngeal airway insertion, 1.14 (p-value <.001) for nasopharyngeal airway insertion, and 0.81 (p-value .003) for bag-mask ventilation). There was no difference between preknowledge and postknowledge scores (p-value of .13 and .22, respectively). Both groups reported higher confidence. Conclusions: Nursing students trained in basic airway management by the peer-to-peer method did not show inferiority compared with the standard group.

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