Comprehensive Medication Reviews: Optimal Delivery Setting and Recommendations for Quality Assessment

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J Am Pharm Assoc (2003)


OBJECTIVES: To propose a metric evaluating the quality of comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs), and to discuss the optimal setting for CMR delivery.

SUMMARY: First, we provide a current assessment of the quality of CMRs performed in community, payer, and health system/clinic settings, with recommended opportunities for improvement. Thereafter, a companion metric for CMR quality is discussed, because this is critical to ensuring that patients are not just receiving CMR services, but that CMRs reflect evidence-based recommendations supporting optimal patient outcomes.

CONCLUSION: Based on the data currently available, accessibility to electronic medical records would enhance patient-specific recommendations to optimize CMR delivery and patient outcomes. Future studies may help to identify additional factors, such as pharmacist-physician collaboration in clinic and use of evidence-based recommendations, that can further enhance CMR quality.

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