Submissions from 2023





Submissions from 2022


Peri-Operative Warfarin Protocol to Decrease Length of Stay After Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation, Laura Hencken, Gillian Grafton, Long To, Hassan Nemeh, and Jennifer A. Cowger


Update on a pilot study: Flumeltbi peripheral blood HLAhaploidentical stem cell transplantation with post-transplant cyclophosphamide and bortezomib (Cy2Bor3), Sowjanya Vuyyala, Edward Peres, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Susan M. Wautelet, Danielle L. Pelland, Nada Zagar, Mary A. Trapp, Scott R. Rohrer, Elizabeth A. Henne, Sarah Szymanski, Josephine Emole, Muneer H. Abidi, and Shatha Farhan

Submissions from 2021


Bicarbonate-based Purge Solution As A Bleeding Reduction Strategy in Patients on Impella Support, Jeremy Moretz, Soumen Das, Craig Beavers, Doug Jennings, Jenna F. Cox, Robert DiDomenico, Steve Dunn, Long To, Toby Trujillo, Phillip Weeks, and Scott Corbett


Bicarbonate Purge Solution to Support Impella Devices for Patients with Clinically Suspected or Confirmed Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia, Jeremy Moretz, Soumen Das, Craig Beavers, Doug Jennings, Jenna F. Cox, Robert DiDomenico, Steve Dunn, Long To, Toby Trujillo, Phillip Weeks, and Scott Corbett

A program evaluation of the hospital elder life program in a community teaching hospital, Long To

Submissions from 2020

Impact of A Pharmacist-Led Heart Failure Clinic on Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy, Dana Attar, Jona Lekura, James Kalus, Waleed Al-Darzi, Celeste Williams, and Gillian Grafton

Surgical intensive care unit pain management in the era of intravenous opioid shortages, Allison C. Bouwma, Mark E. Mlynarek, Michael Peters, Vince Procopio, and Carolyn R. Martz

A pilot trial of topical capsaicin cream for treatment of cannabinoid hyperemesis, Diana Dean, Noor Sabagha, K Rose, A Weiss, Timothy S. Asmar, JoAnn Rammal, and Margaret Beyer

Prospective Randomized Study of Prophylactic Ciprofloxacin Versus Levofloxacin in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients: An Interim Report, Shatha Farhan, Georgiana Marusca, Michael Bazydlo, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Josena K. Stephen, Nada Kortam, R Mayur, Danielle L. Pelland, Nada Zagar, Mary A. Trapp, Elizabeth A. Henne, Scott R. Rohrer, Sarah Szymanski, Josephine Emole, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Submissions from 2019

Oral Ribavirin Therapy for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in Lung Transplant Recipients: The Impact of Policy Implementation on Cost and Appropriate Use, B Berak, Nimisha Sulejmani, Arin Jantz, Todd M. Larson, Susan L. Davis, and Bryant B. Summers

Pharmacy-driven initiative improves care for severe community-acquired pneumonia, M Bianchini, Nicholas J. Mercuro, Rachel M. Kenney, Michael Peters, Jennifer Swiderek, Linoj Samuel, and Susan L. Davis

How Well Do Kidney Transplant Patients Understand Their Medications and Does Real-Time Assessment of Knowledge Improve Retention of Information?, B Clark, B Sirandas, Todd M. Larson, A Carlson, C Traax, D D. Ramirez, L Smith, and I Hall

Argatroban dosing in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and other critically ill populations, S Dingman, Michael Peters, Long To, and Zachary R. Smith

Proteomic exosome evaluation in patients with sepsis and septic shock compared to healthy controls, Anja K. Jaehne, Wing Lee Cheung, Yalei Chen, Laila M. Poisson, Michael Chopp, Zhenggang Zhang, Benjamin Buller, Omokayode Osobamiro, Emanuel Rivers, and Daniel C. Morris

Sustainable Naloxone Education and Distribution From an Urban Emergency Department, Jacob Manteuffel, Sami Shayya, Noor Sabagha, Nancy C. MacDonald, Kristin M. Griebe, Mark F. Doyal, Youssef Hedroug, J France, Caren J. El-Khoury, and T Theoharris

Outcomes of tbo-filgrastim, filgrastim-sndz or filgrastim for mobilization in patients undergoing an autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant: A single center experience, Klodiana Neme, David R. Henkin, Nancy Mikulandric, Meredith Grycki, Alexander Michaels, Chadd Smith, and Josephine Emole

Analysis of anti-narcotic therapy across a self-insured population, T Oram, B Goldberg, R Botham, and Rox Gatia

Outcomes of Treatment of Late vs Early Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Renal Transplant Recipients: A Single Center Experience, Rohini Prashar, Nimisha Sulejmani, and Anita Patel

A National Survey of Immunosuppression Strategies in Intestinal Transplantation, M Segovia, T Beduschi, J Boike, D Farmer, S Horslen, K Iyer, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, A Langnas, C Matsumoto, A Mavis, G Mazariegos, Shunji Nagai, J O'Leary, Y Patel, D Sudan, Nimisha Sulejmani, Bryant B. Summers, and T Schiano

Pharmacist-driven discontinuation of antipsychotics started for ICU delirium, Misa M. Stuart, Carolyn R. Martz, Katelyn Payter, Jane McDonnell, S Vinay, Jennifer Swiderek, Victor Coba, Long To, Zachary R. Smith, and Michael Peters

Evaluation of BK Polyomavirus Monitoring and Management in Kidney Transplant Recipients, Michelle Tomeczkowicz, S Mondal, Nimisha Sulejmani, Bryant B. Summers, Todd M. Larson, and Arin Jantz

Early Everolimus Conversion for Renal Protection in Liver Transplantation: The Sooner the Better?, Michelle Tomeczkowicz, Nimisha Sulejmani, Arin Jantz, Bryant B. Summers, Todd M. Larson, and Reena Salgia

Submissions from 2018

Left atrial dilatation: A cohort analysis with strong implications for future atrial fibrillation and stroke monitoring, Muhammad Affan, Sumul Modi, Tom Smoot, Lonni Schultz, Abhimanyu Mahajan, and Daniel Miller

Incidence of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in patients with temporary mechanical circulatory support devices., Dana Attar, Brittany Lines, Melissa McCarty, Victor Coba, Jona Lekura, Zachary R. Smith, and Long To

A longitudinal analysis of pharmacist-driven inhaler optimization in the ambulatory care setting., Emily C Blum, Krishna Thavarajah, and Amber Lanae Martirosov

Tacrolimus and isavuconazole therapy: What about the drug interaction?, Christian Gill, Nicholas J. Mercuro, Rachel M. Kenney, Arin Jantz, Bryant B. Summers, Nimisha Sulejmani, and Susan L Davis

Horsies and bunnies: A comparison of antithymocyte globulin in allogeneic stem cell transplant., C Lu, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Meredith Grycki, D Pelland, Shatha Farhan, Nalini Janakiraman, Edward Peres, and V Vogel

Evaluation of a pharmacist-driven medication discontinuation protocol in an intensive care unit., Carolyn R Martz, Michael Peters, Jennifer Swiderek, and Zachary R. Smith

Evaluating biologics and their biosimilars using a distributed research network to demonstrate real-world outcomes., P Pawloski, K Haynes, D Kent, C McMahill-Walraven, C Panozzo, Vanita K. Pindolia, C Lockhart, J Brown, A Mendelsohn, C Barr, and B Eichelberger

Temporal and geographical trends of intestinal transplantation in the USA., M Segovia, Syed-Mohammed Jafri, Bryant B Summers, T Schiano, T Pietrowsky, A Al-Osaimi, A Mavis, and S Horslen

Effects of medication education pilot program in living versus deceased donor kidney transplant recipients., Nimisha Sulejmani, Hasenia Albanna, Bryant B Summers, Arin Jantz, Rohini Prashar, and A Patel

Implementation of a pharmacist-managed QTc drug interaction management program., Travis Swihart, Tina Maloney, Gay Alcenius, E VanStee, and S Johnson

Pharmacoeconomic analysis for diagnosis and treatment of suspected heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, Julie Thomson, Long To, Michael Peters, and James Kalus

Standard-versus low-dose valganciclovir for cytomegalovirus prophylaxis in intermediate-risk kidney transplant recipients., N Wilson, Nimisha Sulejmani, Arin Jantz, Amit Patel, and Bryant B Summers

Liposomal bupivacaine: Friend or foe in kidney donation?, Y Yang, Arin Jantz, A Patel, Lauren Malinzak, and Nimisha Sulejmani

Implementation of oral chemotherapy management program in the large integrated health care system and its impact on patient safety., J Yoo, S Nhean, P Vogel, I Rybkin, and Diana Kostoff

Submissions from 2017

Early donor chimerism in patients with myeloid malignancies undergoing stem cell transplantation using FluBu4 with and without busulfan pharmacokinetics compared to busulfan and cyclophosphamide., Shatha Farhan, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Mary A. Trapp, Michael Bazydlo, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Measures of adherence to HCV therapy in a specialty pharmacy setting and association with NON-SVR., S A. Kaurala, M Veve, J Van Lare, J S. Mansour, M Andrews, Kimberly Ann Brown, and Susan L Davis

Clinic-based medication education pilot program., Nimisha Sulejmani, Hasenia Albanna, T Rendulic, Bryant B Summers, and Arin Jantz

Safety and efficacy of four factor prothrombin complex concentrate for the reversal of warfarin in lvad patients prior to heart transplantation., Long To, Arin Jantz, Celeste Williams, and H Nemeh

Submissions from 2016

Optimization of patient-specific inhaler regimens: A pharmacy-pulmonology collaborative pilot program in the ambulatory care setting., Emily C Blum, Krishna Thavarajah, and A L. Smith

Impact of cytomegalovirus on early chimerism in patients with myeloid disorders undergoing stem cell transplantation using reduced toxicity ablative conditioning regimen., Shatha Farhan, Danielle Pelland, Susan M. Wautelet, Klodiana Neme, Nancy Mikulandric, Mary A. Trapp, Sarah Szymanski, Kenneth Ruemenapp, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Submissions from 2015

Cytomegalovirus and effect on early chimerism in patients with myeloid disorders undergoing stem cell transplantation using reduced toxicity ablative conditioning regimen., Shatha Farhan, George Divine, Klodiana Neme, Danielle L. Pelland, Susan M. Wautelet, Nancy Mikulandric, Kenneth Ruemenapp, Edward Peres, and Nalini Janakiraman

Appropriate transfusions in the ICU: Can midlevel providers help improve compliance?, R Sengupta, B L. Small, T Smoot, Ileana Lopez-Plaza, and Bruno DiGiovine