Submissions from 2019

Analysis of MAA Distribution in Liver with Tumor, Donovan Bakalyar

Screening mammography reduces disparities by improving triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) early detection and outcomes., J A. Burns, Jessica Bensenhaver, Yalei Chen, L L. Susick, Lindsay Petersen, Erica Proctor, Saul David Nathanson, and S Mandava

Non-Invasive Prediction of Glioma Tumor Stemness Using Multimodal MRI, Esmaeil Davoodi-Bojd, T Malta, Brent Griffith, Tobias Walbert, Houtan Noushmehr, and Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh

Removal of subdermal implantable contraceptive devices utilizing ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance, Adam Heilala, Daniel Hillman, and Yahya Albeer

The Level of Persistent False Lumen Perfusion Is Associated With Increased Aortic Size After Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair in Patients With Type B Aortic Dissection, Loay S. Kabbani, Jeffrey Nadig, R S. Ranjal, Ali Rteil, Richard Linchangco, Mitchell R. Weaver, Timothy Nypaver, and Alexander D. Shepard

2272 Overdiagnosis of Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation in Radiology Reports on Pelvic Ultrasound in an Inner-City Teaching Hospital, Max Kole, Audrey Fotouhi, Vini Chopra, Brian M. Craig, and Roopina Sangha

Developing a Combined Radiomic/Genomic Signature for Prediction of Survival in Glioblastoma, Evan Liang, Eric Carver, Zhen Sun, James Snyder, Brent Griffith, Mira M. Shah, M Salim U. Siddiqui, and Ning Wen

"CTA for All": Emergency CT Angiography for All Stroke Patients Presenting Within 24 Hours of Onset Improves Outcome After Large Vessel Occlusion, Stephan A. Mayer, Tanuwong Viarasilpa, Nicha Panyavachiraporn, Brent Griffith, Daniel J. Miller, Megan Brady, Dawn Scozzarri, Angelos Katramados, Hebah Hefzy, Shaneela Malik, Horia Marin, Max Kole, Alex B. Chebl, Christopher A. Lewandowski, and Panayiotis Mitsias

Recurrent Thrombectomy in Patients with Prior Mechanical Endovascular Revascularization: A Single Center Experience, G A. Mohamed, K Arshad, Muhammad Affan, Owais Alsrouji, Daniel J. Miller, Max Kole, and Horia Marin

Cardiac Substructure Segmentation with Deep Learning for Improved Cardiac Sparing, Evelyn Morris, Ahmed I. Ghanem, M Dong, H Emami, Milan Pantelic, Eleanor Walker, and Carri K. Glide-Hurst

Virtual Monochromatic Imaging for Dual Energy Tomosynthesis: A Numerical Simulation Study, Zhihua Qi and M Mahoney

Does Administration of IV Contrast Impact Outcomes on Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients? A Propensity Score Matched Single Center Study, Kavit Shah, Stephan A. Mayer, M G. Harn, Mohammed Ismail, Lonni Schultz, Horia Marin, Max Kole, and Daniel J. Miller

A Comparison of the Approach-To-Equilibrium Function Measured on CT Scanners from Four Different Manufacturers Using the ICRU/AAPM CT Radiation Dosimetry Phantom, Joseph Steiner and Donovan Bakalyar

A method to measure the alignment of the x-ray field, image receptor, and displayed image on fluoroscopic systems, Joseph Steiner, Matthew Vanderhoek, and Mayur Vaya

Submissions from 2018

Emergent rare causes of ureteral and bladder obstruction., Benjamin Hirshberg, Kelli Rosen, Sujji Potlapally, and Sampath Ramachandran

It's all in the plumbing! a pictorial review of acute vascular abnormalities of the head and neck., Nathan Hyson, Priyanka Annigeri, and Sampath Ramachandran

Laryngeal trauma: Pearls, pitfalls and the illustrative gamut of mdct imaging findings., Shane Mallon, Vladimir Starcevic, Matthew Rheinboldt, and Z Proposto

Imaging of contraceptive devices and their potential complications., Milind Patel and Sampath Ramachandran

Acute patellar tendon ruptures: The diagnostic utility of sonography for tear detection and characterization in the emergent setting., Andrew Petraszko, Daniel A Osborn, Marnix T van Holsbeeck, Manmeet Dhillon, Patricia A. Kolowich, and Gordon Jacobsen

Automated review of routine qc images from spect systems using noise power spectrum (NPS) analysis., Zhihua Qi, Nicholas Bevins, and Beth A Harkness

Real-Time feedback on Y-90 microsphere delivery efficiency., Matthew Vanderhoek

Male lower genitourinary tract emergencies: The gamut of prostatic, penile and scrotal pathophysiology and cross-sectional imaging findings., Paul C Williams, Vladimir Starcevic, Matthew Rheinboldt, and Z Proposto

An unusual case of autoimmune hemolytic anemia-thinking outside the box for management, Paul Williams and Ileana Lopez-Plaza

Submissions from 2017

Determining CTDIvol for cone beam ct with partial rotational coverage and wide beams: Symmetry and reciprocity., Donovan Bakalyar and Matthew Vanderhoek

Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma Presenting as Inferior Vena Cava Obstruction Diagnosed Using an Endovascular Thrombectomy Device., Praveen Balraj, Loay S Kabbani, Jeff Mathews, Francis Tinney Jr., Scott Schwartz, David Kwon, Felix Braun, and Sara Wasilenko

Influence of asymptomatic rotator cuff pathology on in-vivo shoulder motion and clinical outcomes., Timothy G Baumer, Jack Dischler, V Mende, Roger Zauel, Marnix T van Holsbeeck, Daniel S Siegal, Vasilios Moutzouros, and Michael J Bey

Data miningmrimage features of select structures for lateralization of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy., K Elisevich, Fariborz Mahmoudi, Hassan Bagher-Ebadian, Mohammad-Reza Nazem-Zadeh, Jason M Schwalb, Manpreet Kaur, and Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh

Factors affecting distal hyperintense vessel sign, a postulated marker for intracranial collateral circulation., Tarun Girotra, Muhammad Affan, Horia Marin, Lonni R Schultz, and D Miller

Analysis of hypoplastic variants of the circle of willis in patients with first-ever lacunar stroke., Angelos Katramados, Horia Marin, Monica Kole, Panayiotis N Varelas, D Miller, Shaneela Malik, Hebah Hefzy, Sumul Modi, Lonni R Schultz, Konstantinos Marmagkiolis, Despina Tsitlakidou, Muhammad Affan, and Panayiotis D. Mitsias

Role of pial collateral flow in acute ischemic stroke outcomes., Sumul Modi, Horia Marin, Panayiotis N Varelas, and Panayiotis Mitsias

Fetal dose estimation during live fluoroscopy using a real-time staff dosimetry system., Courtney Morrison and Matthew Vanderhoek

An automated processing tool for the annual performance evaluation of an MRI scanner., Kenneth Nkongchu

The relationship of whole human vertebral body creep to geometric, microstructural and material properties., Daniel Oravec, Michael Flynn, and Yener N. Yeni

Whole human vertebral body creep is associated with DTS-derived texture parameters., Daniel Oravec, W Kim, Michael Flynn, and Yener N. Yeni

Outcomes of TIPS for ascites as a function of baseline renal function., Ranya Selim, Todd Getzen, and Dillip Moonka

Split-dose Y-90 microsphere therapy: Does a single TC-99m MAA mapping study suffice?, Matthew Vanderhoek

The Role of NOTCH1 and PI3K Pathways In The Progression of Oligodendrogliomas., J V. Vega, Sameer H Halani, Safoora Yousefi, Fatemeh Amrollahi, Chad A Holder, Laila M. Poisson, Brent Griffith, Jennifer Eschbacher, M Nalisnik, Jeffrey J Olson, Lee Cooper, and Daniel J Brat