Targeted case presentations introducing interventional radiology to medical students interested in primary care specialties

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J Vasc Interv Radiol


Purpose: Interventional radiology (IR) is increasingly utilized through consultation as part of a collaborative health care team. However, formal education in this type of collaboration is limited in medical school curriculum and medical students lack confidence in requesting consultations. Studies have shown that IR interest group presentations and demonstrations increases medical student knowledge and excitement about the field. Our study demonstrates that IR interest group case presentations specific to medical students interested in primary care specialties increases their familiarity with IR, improves medical student collaboration and raises confidence when requesting consults. Materials: Specific cases requiring IR consultation were prepared for internal medicine, family medicine and emergency medicine interest groups. The educational content included an overview of the field of IR, basic principles and techniques of IR, the role of an IR in a multidisciplinary team, IR case presentations specific to the primary care specialty and indications for and benefits of IR consultation. Surveys were administered to students prior to and after the presentation to assess change in knowledge following the presentation using a Likert scale. McNemar’s test was used to examine differences in pre- and postsurvey responses. Statistical analyses were conducted using STATA Corp v.14.2. Results: 70 pre-post surveys were completed by first- and second-year medical students (n = 70). There was a statistically significant increase in knowledge and familiarity in all areas from baseline (P <0.0016). Additionally, nearly 33% of first and second year medical students indicated they were interested in 2 or more specialties or undecided (Table 1). Conclusions: Medical students are not exposed to IR and lack confidence when requesting consults for their patients. Increasing medical student familiarity with IR is essential to producing physicians with a broad understanding of the management options at their disposal. Targeted case presentations for preclinical medical students interested in primary care specialties were effective in increasing their familiarity with IR, improving confidence when requesting consults.





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