Liver transplant waitlist outcomes in alcoholic hepatitis compared with other liver diseases: An analysis of UNOS registry

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Clinical transplantation


There is growing interest in performing liver transplantation (LT) in patients with alcoholic hepatitis (AH) without a mandated abstinence period. The aim of this study is to investigate waitlist outcomes in AH patients compared to those with other liver diseases. Using data from the UNOS registry, adult patients listed for LT between 2009 and 2018 were evaluated. Waitlist outcomes were compared among liver diseases. A total of 64 646 patients were eligible, including 286 with AH, 16 871 with alcoholic cirrhosis (AC), 13 730 with hepatitis C (HCV), 10 315 with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and 5841 with cholestatic liver disease (CLD). In comparison with AH patients, patients with HCV, NASH, and CLD had a significantly higher risk of waitlist mortality and a lower likelihood of recovery on the waitlist. These trends were more prominent in the waiting-time period of 91-365 days than in shorter periods. In intention-to-treat analysis, positive prognostic effect of LT was significant in AH patients with MELD score ≥35 (HR 0.04, P < .001). AH patients showed lower mortality risk and a higher chance of recovery while on waitlist than other liver diseases, especially when waiting time exceeded 90 days. These results indicate the importance of continuous evaluation of disease progression in AH patients awaiting LT.

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