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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate MUSIC-KIDNEY's adherence to the American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines regarding the initial evaluation of patient's with clinical T1 (cT1) renal masses.

METHODS: We reviewed MUSIC-KIDNEY registry data for patients with newly diagnosed cT1 renal masses to assess for adherence with the 2017 AUA guideline statements regarding recommendations to obtain (1) CMP, (2) CBC, (3) UA, (4) abdominal cross-sectional imaging, and (5) chest imaging. An evaluation consisting of all 5 guideline measures was considered "complete compliance." Variation with guideline adherence was assessed by contributing practice, management strategy, and renal mass size.

RESULTS: We identified 1808 patients with cT1 renal masses in the MUSIC-KIDNEY registry, of which 30% met the definition of complete compliance. Most patients received care that was compliant with recommendations to obtain laboratory testing with 1448 (80%), 1545 (85%), and 1472 (81%) patients obtaining a CMP, CBC, and UA respectively. Only 862 (48%) patients underwent chest imaging. Significant variation exists in complete guideline compliance for contributing practices, ranging from 0% to 45% as well as for patients which underwent immediate intervention compared with initial observation (37% vs 23%) and patients with cT1b masses compared with cT1a masses (36% vs 28%).

CONCLUSION: Complete guideline compliance in the initial evaluation of patients with cT1 renal masses is poor, which is mainly driven by omission of chest imaging. Significant variation in guideline adherence is seen across practices, as well as patients undergoing an intervention vs observation, and cT1a vs cT1b masses. There are ample quality improvement opportunities to increase adherence and decrease variability with guideline recommendations.

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