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JTO Clin Res Rep


INTRODUCTION: Amplification of 3q is the most common genetic alteration identified in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (LUSC), with the most frequent amplified region being 3q26 to 3q28.

METHODS: In this analysis, we aim to describe the prognostic relevance of 3q amplification by focusing on a minimal common region (MCR) of amplification constituted of 25 genes. We analyzed 511 cases of LUSC from The Cancer Genome Atlas and included 476 in the final analysis.

RESULTS: We identified a 25-gene MCR that was amplified in 221 (44.3%) cases and was associated with better disease-specific survival (not reported [NR] versus 9.25 y, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 5.24-NR, log-rank p = 0.011) and a progression-free interval of 8 years (95% CI: 5.1-NR) versus 4.9 years (95% CI: 3.5-NR, log-rank p = 0.020). Multivariable analysis revealed that MCR amplification was associated with improved disease-specific survival and progression-free interval.

CONCLUSIONS: Amplification of the 25-gene MCR within 3q was present in 44% of this cohort, consisting mainly of Caucasian patients with early stage LUSC. This analysis strongly indicates the prognostic relevance of the 25-gene MCR within 3q. We are further evaluating its prognostic and predictive relevance in a racially diverse patient population with advanced LUSC.

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