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Urol Video J


Objective: In this study our objective was to develop a simulation platform for use cases in Laparoendoscopic Single Site (LESS) Surgery intended for patient-specific rehearsal prior to Robot-assisted Partial nephrectomy procedures.

Patients and Surgical Procedure: This represents a simulation platform requiring no patients, although the fabrication process allows for the platform to be patient-specific. Tissue phantom 3D models were developed from de-identified CT imaging fulfilling the criteria of tumors located in the posterior lower pole of the kidney.

Results: Respondents completed surveys on platform novelty and effectiveness. Agreement on simulator novelty was unanimously positive (100% agree or better). Performance evaluations reached a minimum of 80% agreement for all categories, with zero respondents.

Conclusions: We have developed a highly realistic simulation platform for use in single-port robot-assisted partial nephrectomy that can be produced in a patient specific manner, which we believe will be highly useful for trainees as well as experts attempting to transfer skills to the newer platform.

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Video 1: Pilot evaluation of a perfused robot-assisted partial nephrectomy procedural simulation platform for single port robotic retroperitoneal approaches


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