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BMJ Case Rep


Microperforate hymens are rare anatomical variants with an unknown incidence and very few reported cases. Borderline ovarian tumours are similarly uncommon, with an incidence of approximately 0.002%-0.006%. The concurrent presence of a microperforate hymen and a borderline ovarian tumour is therefore exceedingly unique with no documented cases to date. In this report, we review the case of a nulliparous woman in her late 20s who initially presented with an inability to have penetrative intercourse. A subocclusive hymenal variant was noted on examination and further imaging work-up resulted in the incidental discovery of a large ovarian mass subsequently noted to be a borderline ovarian tumour. Herein, we review contemporary approaches to the diagnosis and management of both hymenal variants and borderline ovarian tumours, and discuss fertility-sparing strategies for young women diagnosed with ovarian neoplasms.

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Female; Humans; Hymen; Vaginal Diseases; Ovarian Neoplasms; Genitalia

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