3009 The Role of Patient Education in the Success of Same Day Discharge after Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

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J Minim Invasive Gynecol


Study Objective: To assess the impact of preoperative education success and patient satisfaction for same day discharge after laparoscopic surgery. Design: Prospective survey. Setting: Academic tertiary referral center. Patients or Participants: Twenty-four women undergoing minimally invasive hysterectomy or myomectomy with two surgeons between May 2018 and March 2019 Interventions: Patients completed a questionnaire regarding same day surgery before and after an educational video. They also received a phone call four to six weeks postoperative regarding their postoperative experience. Measurements and Main Results: Twenty-four patients were enrolled in the study although only twenty patients have currently undergone surgery. Among patients who completed the pre-education questionnaire 15 of 23 (65%) were agreeable to same day discharge and 8 of 23 (35%) were not agreeable. After watching the educational video and completing the post-education questionnaire 17 of 23 (74%) were agreeable to same day discharge and 6 of 23 (26%) were not agreeable. After the educational video among those who were originally not agreeable to same day discharge 3 of 8 (38%) changed to agreeable. Postoperatively 11 of 20 (55%) were discharged same day, 8 of 20 (40%) patients were discharged POD #1 and 1 of 20 (5%) discharged POD #3. Of 9 patients discharged same day, 5 (56%) were happy to be discharged, 3 (33%) were nervous but did well, 7 (78%) felt it was the right to do, 2 (22%) would not do it again and 1 (11%) was not happy to be discharged. Conclusion: In this study, the majority of patients were agreeable to same day discharge after undergoing education, which also favorably changed the opinions of some who were not initially agreeable to same day discharge. Postoperatively, the majority of patients were happy to be discharged the same day and felt it was appropriate.





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