Submissions from 2019

Lessons Learned from an International Infection Control Consultation in a Newly Built Hospital in Saudi Arabia, Eman Chami and Abigail Keskimaki

280 Tracking Physical Activity and Sleep Patterns in Emergency Medicine Residents Using Wearable Activity Monitors, Satheesh Gunaga, J Park, Brian Obrycki, J Hashim, Ryan Spencer, and R Jarski

US Cancer Centers of Excellence Coordination of Operational Strategies Contribute to Enhanced Accrual of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Clinical Trials, J M. Regnante, N A. Richie, L Fashoyin-Aje, L Lee Hall, Q Highsmith, J A. Louis, K Turner, Spencer C. Hoover, S C. Lee, E L. Williams, H Adams, C Obasaju, I Sargeant, M Geday, M Gandee, R Watson, and M S. Chen

Description of Patterns and Exploration of Risk Factors for Regret One Year After Hysterectomy: A Longitudinal Prospective Study, Roopina Sangha, Andrew Bossick, Candace Coleman, Wan-Ting Su, and Ganesa Wegienka

204 Screening for Balance and Vision Symptoms in Triage to Enhance Identification of Strokes in the Emergency Department, Henry Tan, Caroline Hannon, Anu Gopalan, Adam Alexander, Jared Patel, Dylan Bergeon, Linda Andreoli, R Jarski, Thomas McKeown, and Satheesh Gunaga

Submissions from 2017

Fresh prescription: Improving nutrition education and access to fresh produce in detroit, Jasmine-Yasmine Omar, Danielle Heidemann, Barbara Blum-Alexander, Chinyere Uju-Eke, Zarina Alam, David E. Willens, and Kimberlydawn Wisdom