Prolongation of greater occipital neural blockade with 10% lidocaine neurolysis: a case series of a new technique

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J Pain Res


INTRODUCTION: Greater occipital nerve blocks (GONB) have been used for headache but their benefit may be short. Ready et al performed intrathecal injections on rabbits and reported neurologic/histologic changes that required concentrations of at least 8%. Our study tests the hypothesis that the neurolytic effects of GONB with 10% lidocaine can prolong relief.

METHODS: After an approval from Henry Ford Hospital Institutional Review Board, a chart review was performed for patients who had GONB with 10% lidocaine. Patients received 10% lidocaine after short response (/ >50% relief) to GONB with 1 cc of a solution containing 9 mL 0.5 % bupivacaine and 40 mg methylprednisolone. They received a block with 10% lidocaine with volume given at

RESULTS: Thirteen patients were reviewed; 12 were female and the mean age was 47. Ten were diagnosed with migraine, and three with occipital neuralgia; 12 had bilateral symptoms. Baseline VAS prior to 10% lidocaine averaged 86.92 mm. The mean volume injected per nerve was 1.096 mL. There was significant decrease in mean% VAS with 10% lidocaine at 60.4% (mean: -52.69 mm) (

CONCLUSION: Ten percent lidocaine may be a useful neurolytic agent in prolonging the duration of GONB.

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