Submissions from 2019

"What I Wish I Would Have Known": Patient Impressions of Transplant Education., Kelly Collins, A Yaldo, Elizabeth Rubinstein, Karen E. Kippen, Heather A. Olden, Shunji Nagai, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

Remote ischemic preconditioning for renal protection in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve interventions, Brittany S Fuller, William W O'Neill, Trevor J. Szymanski, Jayakar Guruswamy, and A Taylor

Coincidental multisystemic organ failure and dress syndrome in the context of septic shock, Jose R. Navas-Blanco, Mary Louise Jarzebowski, and Anoop Chhina

PACEMAKER FOLLOWING TRANSCATHETER AORTIC VALVE REPLACEMENT ASSOCIATED WITH INCREASED TRICUSPID REGURGITATION, Paul Nona, Sachin Parikh, Bryan Zweig, Marvin H Eng, James Lee, Tiberio M Frisoli, T Aka, Michael Isley, William W O'Neill, and Dee Dee Wang

Immediate Post-Operative Extubation Decreases Pulmonary Complications in Liver Transplant Patients, M Safwan, Christine Acho, Yoshihisa Morita, Valeria Fernandez, Dragos Galusca, Marwan S. Abouljoud, Atsushi Yoshida, Jaber El-Bashir, and S Naeai

Submissions from 2018

Multidisciplinary approach for standardized care and control of opioid administration for pain management patients, Lorraine Mehlberg, Amanda Totten, B Umar, J Copeland, R Varney, J Crow, V Shah, and B Cook

Red cell exchange for acute splenic sequestration crisis in an adult with hemoglobin sc disease, Ayodeji Omosule and Zaher K. Otrock

Immediate post-operative extubation decreases pulmonary complications in liver transplantation recipients, Mohamed Safwan, C Acho, Yoshihisa Morita, V Fernandez, Marwan Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

Lack of alloimmunization to the D antigen in D negative orthotopic liver transplant recipients receiving D positive rbcs perioperatively, L Wlosinski, Jaber El-Bashir, and Zaher K. Otrock

Submissions from 2017

Effectiveness of mexiletine for treatment of neuropathic pain, Asma Asif, Mohammed Faysal Malik, K Lundberg, A Tarabishy, and J Hanna

Neuraxial analgesia in a patient with factor XII deficiency, J Bogan, Aditi Saraswat, M R. Alsaden, and Jayakar Guruswamy

Deterioration in recombinant tissue plasminogen activator after repeated freezing and thawing cycles for thromboelastography, S Calo, A K. Jaehne, K A. Keenan, J Xu, B Tawil, R Thompson, Robert A Knight, J Miller, Christopher Lewandowski, and Tavarekere N. Nagaraja

Evaluation of low cost high fidelity USB powered arterial line simulation device for ultrasound guided vascular puncture and cannulation, Gaurav Chauhan and J Garzon-Serrano

A case report on use of Mexiletine as panacea for opioid induced hyperalgesia, Gaurav Chauhan, Vivek Loomba, Aman Upadhyay, and Nabil Sibai

Cervical myelopathy after neck manipulation in a patient with cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy. Cause and effect or natural progression?, Gaurav Chauhan, M Patri, and Vivek Loomba

Information Needs Assessment regarding postoperative pain: Gender based analysis of adult population, Gaurav Chauhan, M Patri, C Mordis, B Sandeepram, and P Hehar

Portopulmonary hypertension and atrial fibrillation in liver transplantation, H Davis, Dragos Galusca, Masakatsu Nanamori, and Yoshihisa Morita

A retrospective review of mri results for low backache: Are we over investigating?, S Khanduja, K Larimore, Vivek Loomba, Nabil Sibai, and Aman Upadhyay

Modified Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion and Its Association with Postoperative Course, Tura Lencho and Yoshihisa Morita

Retrospective analysis of post-operative adductor canal block with epidural anesthesia for total knee replacement, Mohammed Faysal Malik and M R. Alsaden

Ultrasound guided serratus anterior plane block for thoracic analgesia in a patient with multiple rib fractures, Farayi Mbuvah and J Garzon-Serrano

Mexiletine therapy for buerger's disease, Farayi Mbuvah, R Haddad, Nabil Sibai, and P Kataria

A stellate ganglion block for a patient with complex regional pain syndrome Type i following a transient ischemic attack, Ehab Meselhy, Vivek Loomba, and Aman Upadhyay

Road to zero blood waste: Improving intraoperative blood utilization through a multidisciplinary collaborative, Jose R Navas-Blanco, Ileana Lopez-Plaza, K Nakai, Michael Isley, Dipti Ghatol, D Brightman, S Parrott, and Dragos Galusca

Labor epidural analgesia in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1, B Sherdiwala, H Subramanian, and M Alsaden

Are Lumbar-Peritoneal shunts a contra-indication to Epidural anesthesia in the age of the Ultrasound?, H Subramanian, B Sherdiwala, and Leslie Walton

Ultrasound-guided modified out of plane infraclavicular approach, Z Vu, M Alsaden, and Christina W Fidkowski

Submissions from 2016

CPAP in OSA patients and post-operative outcomes, M Aljasmi, Abdul Kareem Uduman, M Gashouta, H Wong, L Bazan, C Mordis, and Timothy Roehrs

Do Not Touch the Heart ... Please, Jaber El-Bashir, S Dalela, I Owaduge, and D Hommel

Spontaneous carotid dissection in a patient after incidental amphetamine salt overdose presenting as cluster like headache, Hirsh Kaveeshvar, R Kashouty, and Vivek Loomba

Pain as the presenting symptom of primary progressive multiple sclerosis, S Zahoor, Hirsh Kaveeshvar, and Vivek Loomba

Submissions from 2015

Preoperative CPAP in OSA patients decrease opioid use and pain in the postoperative setting, M Aljasmi, K Agarwal, S Uppalapati, C Mordis, L Bazan, and Timothy Roehrs

Voxel-by-voxel distribution pattern of estimates of vascular volume and that of blood-to-brain forward volume transfer constant are different in experimental embolic stroke, Tavarekere N. Nagaraja, Madhava P Aryal, Kelly A. Keenan, James R Ewing, and Robert A Knight