Submissions from 2022


Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Evaluation of Glymphatic Flow, Rachel J. Hunt, Tavarekere N. Nagaraja, Guangliang Ding, Robert A. Knight, Ian Y. Lee, James R. Ewing, and Donald Penning


Thromboelastography and Liver Transplantation: A Target Group, Adhnan Mohamed, Toshihiro Kitajima, Santhalakshmi Angappan, Khortnal Delvecchio, Sirisha Yeddula, Mhd Tayseer Shamaa, Kelly Collins, Michael Rizzari, Atsushi Yoshida, Marwan S. Abouljoud, Jaber El-Bashir, and Shunji Nagai

Submissions from 2021


Descriptive study of organ donation and hanging in Australia and New Zealand between 2006 and 2015, Mohamed Fayed, Raju Pussapati, Neil Widdicombe, and Matthew Sypek


Neuron-glia crosstalk mediate the neurotoxic effects of ketamine via extracellular vesicles, Donald H. Penning, Simona Cazacu, V Jevtovic-Todorovic, Steven N. Kalkanis, Michael C. Lewis, and Chaya Brodie

Submissions from 2020


Accuracy of agitated saline contrast echocardiography for assessment of intracardiac shunting in preoperative liver transplant patients, Benjamin Swanson, Reena Salgia, Jaber El-Bashir, and Sachin Parikh

Submissions from 2019

"What I Wish I Would Have Known": Patient Impressions of Transplant Education., Kelly Collins, A Yaldo, Elizabeth Rubinstein, Karen E. Kippen, Heather A. Olden, Shunji Nagai, and Marwan S. Abouljoud

Remote ischemic preconditioning for renal protection in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve interventions, Brittany S. Fuller, William W. O'Neill, Trevor J. Szymanski, Jayakar Guruswamy, and A Taylor

Coincidental multisystemic organ failure and dress syndrome in the context of septic shock, Jose R. Navas-Blanco, Mary Louise Jarzebowski, and Anoop Chhina

PACEMAKER FOLLOWING TRANSCATHETER AORTIC VALVE REPLACEMENT ASSOCIATED WITH INCREASED TRICUSPID REGURGITATION, Paul Nona, Sachin Parikh, Bryan Zweig, Marvin H Eng, James Lee, Tiberio M Frisoli, T Aka, Michael Isley, William W O'Neill, and Dee Dee Wang

Submissions from 2018

Multidisciplinary approach for standardized care and control of opioid administration for pain management patients, Lorraine Mehlberg, Amanda Totten, Beena U. Ahsan, Jacqueline Copeland, Ruan Varney, Joseph Crow, Vikas Shah, and Bernard Cook

Red cell exchange for acute splenic sequestration crisis in an adult with hemoglobin sc disease, Ayodeji Omosule and Zaher K. Otrock

Immediate post-operative extubation decreases pulmonary complications in liver transplantation recipients, Mohamed Safwan, Christine Acho, Yoshihisa Morita, Valeria Fernandez, Marwan Abouljoud, and Shunji Nagai

Lack of alloimmunization to the D antigen in D negative orthotopic liver transplant recipients receiving D positive rbcs perioperatively, L Wlosinski, Jaber El-Bashir, and Zaher K. Otrock

Submissions from 2017

Effectiveness of mexiletine for treatment of neuropathic pain, Asma Asif, Mohammed F. Malik, K Lundberg, A Tarabishy, and J Hanna

Neuraxial analgesia in a patient with factor XII deficiency, J Bogan, Aditi Saraswat, M R. Alsaden, and Jayakar Guruswamy

Deterioration in recombinant tissue plasminogen activator after repeated freezing and thawing cycles for thromboelastography, S Calo, A K. Jaehne, K A. Keenan, J Xu, B Tawil, R Thompson, Robert A. Knight, J Miller, Christopher Lewandowski, and Tavarekere N. Nagaraja

Evaluation of low cost high fidelity USB powered arterial line simulation device for ultrasound guided vascular puncture and cannulation, Gaurav Chauhan and J Garzon-Serrano

A case report on use of Mexiletine as panacea for opioid induced hyperalgesia, Gaurav Chauhan, Vivek Loomba, Aman Upadhyay, and Nabil Sibai

Cervical myelopathy after neck manipulation in a patient with cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy. Cause and effect or natural progression?, Gaurav Chauhan, M Patri, and Vivek Loomba

Information Needs Assessment regarding postoperative pain: Gender based analysis of adult population, Gaurav Chauhan, M Patri, C Mordis, B Sandeepram, and P Hehar

Portopulmonary hypertension and atrial fibrillation in liver transplantation, H Davis, Dragos Galusca, Masakatsu Nanamori, and Yoshihisa Morita

A retrospective review of mri results for low backache: Are we over investigating?, S Khanduja, K Larimore, Vivek Loomba, Nabil Sibai, and Aman Upadhyay

Modified Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion and Its Association with Postoperative Course, Tura Lencho and Yoshihisa Morita

Retrospective analysis of post-operative adductor canal block with epidural anesthesia for total knee replacement, Mohammed F. Malik and M R. Alsaden

Ultrasound guided serratus anterior plane block for thoracic analgesia in a patient with multiple rib fractures, Farayi Mbuvah and J Garzon-Serrano

Mexiletine therapy for buerger's disease, Farayi Mbuvah, R Haddad, Nabil Sibai, and P Kataria

A stellate ganglion block for a patient with complex regional pain syndrome Type i following a transient ischemic attack, Ehab Meselhy, Vivek Loomba, and Aman Upadhyay

Road to zero blood waste: Improving intraoperative blood utilization through a multidisciplinary collaborative, Jose R. Navas-Blanco, Ileana Lopez-Plaza, K Nakai, Michael Isley, Dipti Ghatol, D Brightman, S Parrott, and Dragos Galusca

Labor epidural analgesia in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1, B Sherdiwala, H Subramanian, and M Alsaden

Are Lumbar-Peritoneal shunts a contra-indication to Epidural anesthesia in the age of the Ultrasound?, H Subramanian, B Sherdiwala, and Leslie Walton

Ultrasound-guided modified out of plane infraclavicular approach, Z Vu, M Alsaden, and Christina W. Fidkowski

Submissions from 2016

CPAP in OSA patients and post-operative outcomes, M Aljasmi, Abdul K. Uduman, M Gashouta, H Wong, L Bazan, C Mordis, and Timothy Roehrs

Do Not Touch the Heart ... Please, Jaber El-Bashir, S Dalela, I Owaduge, and D Hommel

Spontaneous carotid dissection in a patient after incidental amphetamine salt overdose presenting as cluster like headache, Hirsh Kaveeshvar, R Kashouty, and Vivek Loomba

Pain as the presenting symptom of primary progressive multiple sclerosis, S Zahoor, Hirsh Kaveeshvar, and Vivek Loomba

Submissions from 2015

Preoperative CPAP in OSA patients decrease opioid use and pain in the postoperative setting, M Aljasmi, K Agarwal, S Uppalapati, C Mordis, L Bazan, and Timothy Roehrs

Voxel-by-voxel distribution pattern of estimates of vascular volume and that of blood-to-brain forward volume transfer constant are different in experimental embolic stroke, Tavarekere N. Nagaraja, Madhava P. Aryal, Kelly A. Keenan, James R. Ewing, and Robert A. Knight