Spontaneous carotid dissection in a patient after incidental amphetamine salt overdose presenting as cluster like headache

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Objective: To highlight cluster like headache can be due to very serious underlying pathology which should not be overlooked Background: Cluster headache has been documented to be the first presenting symptom of an internal carotid dissection. Furthermore, an abrupt increase in blood pressure has been linked to a spontaneous carotid dissection. There are no previous cases reports linking overdose of prescribed amphetamines salts to carotid dissection. Methods: Case Report Results: We present a case report of a 29year-old man who overdosed on his prescribed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication and subsequently developed an internal carotid dissection, which initially manifested as a cluster headache Conclusions: Amphetamines have been linked to ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes in several studies, mainly in young patients. This case provides awareness of this potential complication of amphetamine salt prescription as well as serves to remind physicians of the potential of cluster headache as the presenting symptom of a carotid dissection.





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