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Child Neuropsychol


Congenital heart disease (CHD) is among the most prevalent birth defects in the United States. Given that children with CHD are at risk for differences with development, learning, and psychosocial functioning, effective intervention becomes a central tenant of recommendations following neuropsychological consultation and evaluation. The primary focus of this review is to summarize available interventions for children and adolescents with CHD. The existing CHD literature has concentrated on early developmental services, psychopharmacological treatment, and need for academic supports. The literature is limited with regard to intervention studies that target cognitive deficits and psychosocial difficulties. To address this discrepancy, efficacious interventions that have been used to mitigate these concerns within other medical groups are also discussed in an effort to provide options for alternative recommendations and services. The current paper is intended to facilitate comprehensive care for cardiac patients by providing clinicians with a review of the available intervention literature, as well as potential interventions that may serve as supplemental strategies in the interim.

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