5-2-1-0 Lifestyle risk factors predict obesity in Millennials.

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Clin Obes


The Making Effective Nutritional Choices Generation Y (MENU GenY) study is a web-based intervention trial aimed at improving food choices in those aged 21-30 years. We report baseline levels of the 5-2-1-0 healthy lifestyle patterns to predict a body mass index (BMI) >/=30 vs <30 kg m(-2) . Overall, 1674 young adults (69% female) from two large health systems enroled and completed an online survey asking questions about lifestyle habits. A multivariable binary logistic regression model was utilized to predict a BMI >/=30 while controlling for known predictors of obesity. Consuming >3 daily servings of fruits/vegetables (odds ratio, OR = 0.90, 95% confidence interval, CI = 0.81, 0.99), and reporting >2.5 hours/week of vigorous physical activity (OR = 0.93, 95% CI = 0.89-0.96, P < 0.001) was associated with a BMI <30. Conversely, time sitting (OR = 1.07, 95% CI = 1.04, 1.11) and consuming sugar-sweetened beverages (OR = 1.08, 95% CI = 1.00, 1.15) were related to a BMI >/=30. In this cohort of 20-30-year-olds, we observed a consistent relationship between obesity and the 5-2-1-0 healthy lifestyle patterns previously reported among children and adolescents.

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