Telemedicine Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Case Series

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J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev


DETAILS OF THE CLINICAL CASE: In this case series report, we review 2 patients who were among the first to participate in the Henry Ford telemedicine home-based cardiac rehabilitation (TM-HBCR) program. These patients had barriers to full participation in a facility-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program due to return to work and access to transportation. However, they were willing and able to participate in the TM-HBCR program.

DISCUSSION: The two cases discussed herein are examples of individuals who likely would not have fully participated in CR if the only option available was a facility-based program. While HBCR is not an option for all patients, it does address several barriers that are known to limit participation in facility-based CR for some individuals.

SUMMARY: Technology has made it possible to provide the key components of a facility-based CR program through a TM-HBCR model using a secure connection to the patients via their personal mobile device.

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