Review of ultrasound contrast agents in current clinical practice with special focus on DEFINITY(®) in cardiac imaging

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Future Cardiol


Echocardiography is the most widely used noninvasive modality to evaluate the structure and function of the cardiac muscle in daily practice. However, up to 15-20% of echocardiograms are considered suboptimal. To enable accurate assessment of cardiac function and wall motion abnormality, the use of ultrasound microbubble contrast has shown substantial benefits in cases of salvaging nondiagnostic studies and enhancing the diagnostic accuracy in daily practice. DEFINITY(®) is a perflutren based, lipid shelled microbubble contrast agent, which is US FDA approved for left ventricular opacification. The basis of ultrasound microbubbles, its development, and the clinical role of DEFINITY (characteristics, indications and case examples, side effect profile and existing evidence) is the subject of discussion in this review.

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