Exploring Physician Perceptions of the 2018 United States Heart Transplant Allocation System

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Journal of cardiac failure


BACKGROUND: After the implementation of the 2018 US heart transplant allocation system, the experience and perceptions of heart transplant clinicians have not been well-cataloged.

METHODS AND RESULTS: This web-based survey of both heart failure cardiologists and surgeons examined physician perspectives about the policy changes and whether the system is meeting its intended goals. The majority of participants (94%, n = 113) responded that the 2018 heart allocation system requires modification. Eighty-four percent reported using more temporary mechanical circulatory support to achieve higher status and 86% were concerned about the change in physician behavior and practices under the new system.

CONCLUSIONS: Suggestions for possible improvement included higher status for patients on durable left ventricular assist device support, changes to criteria for status 2, modification of status exceptions, and advocacy for a heart allocation score.

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