The relationship between hypoglycemia severity and work productivity loss and costs among type 2 diabetes patients

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OBJECTIVES: Hypoglycemia can result in productivity loss and increased health-care resource use in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). Previous research has focused on severe hypoglycemic events, this study sought to estimate work productivity loss and costs associated with hypoglycemic events of all levels of severity. METHODS: We identified adults with T2D who responded to the 2013 U.S.National Health and Wellness Survey. The study population included patients who reported a diagnosis of T2D and current treatment with an antihyperglycemic agent. Respondents were categorized into one of 3 groups based on whetheran event occurred in the preceding 3 months: no hypoglycemic event (NE), non-severe event (NSE), or severe event (SE). Among those who reported hypoglycemia, SE was defined as requiring third-party assistance. Work productivity loss was measured using the Work Productivity and Activity Index. Direct costs were estimated from self-reported healthcare use. Indirect costs were calculated by combining data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and productivity loss. Multi-variable regression models were used to adjust for baseline differences in patient characteristics. RESULTS: Of 3,630 respondents, 47.6% reported a NSE and 4.7%reported a SE. Increasing severity of hypoglycemia was associated with an increase in mean absenteeism (NE=5.7%, NSE=4.0%, SE=15.3%; p-trendo.01), presenteeism (NE=17.7%, NSE=18.7%, SE=31.1%; p-trend





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