Submissions from 2020

Suppression of tumorigenicity 2 (st2) turbidimetric immunoassay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: Predicting risk in heart failure, Lindsey Aurora, John Snider, Edward L. Peterson, Timothy Bryson, Hongsheng Gui, James McCord, and David E. Lanfear

A single nucleotide polymorphism within the RXRA gene predicts a favorable response to exercise in heart failure., Timothy D. Bryson, Joseph C. Debbs, Ruicong She, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Nicole Zeld, Clinton Brawner, Steven J. Keteyian, Jonathan K. Ehrman, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Somalogic st2 and ntprobnp assays predict heart failure mortality as effectively as the elisa assay, Joseph C. Debbs, Timothy D. Bryson, Nicole Zeld, Lindsey Aurora, Hongsheng Gui, J A. Luzum, Edward L. Peterson, Ruicong She, Keoki L. Williams, and David E. Lanfear

Whole genome sequencing association and gene-by-air-pollution interaction analyses identified kitlg as a novel baseline lung function gene candidate among African American children with asthma, A Mak, S Sajuthi, B Saef, D Hu, Shujie Xiao, P Sleiman, J Joo, E Y. Lee, S Huntsman, C Eng, M A. LeNoir, E Brigino-Buenaventura, S Salazar, S S. Oh, B E. Himes, H Hakonarson, Keoki L. Williams, M J. White, M A. Seibold, and E G. Burchard