Update and Review of Bleeding Considerations in Dermatologic Surgery: Hemostatic Techniques and Treatment Strategies for Bleeding Complications

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Dermatologic surgery


BACKGROUND: There are many intraoperative and postoperative techniques to aid hemostasis in dermatologic procedures. An updated understanding is critical for the surgeon.

OBJECTIVE: To provide an updated review of methods for hemostasis and therapies for postprocedural purpura and ecchymosis applicable to dermatology.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A review of Ovid MEDLINE was performed to review the English-language medical literature of hemostatic options and their use in cutaneous surgery. All available publication years were included from 1946 to present.

RESULTS: A comprehensive and current list of hemostatic options used in the intraoperative and postoperative period is provided along with traditional and emerging therapies for postprocedural purpura and ecchymosis.

CONCLUSION: A myriad of options exist for minimizing and treating bleeding complications. The appropriate use and updated knowledge of hemostatic options is provided.

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