Mitigating Visible Light and Long Wavelength UVA1-induced Effects with Topical Antioxidants

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Photochemistry and photobiology


The role of topical antioxidants (AOs) on visible light plus ultraviolet A1 (VL+UVA1)-induced skin changes were evaluated. Twenty subjects with skin phototypes (SPTs) I-VI had placebo and concentrations of an AO blend applied to their back (AO 0.5%, 1.0% and 2.0%). Treated and control sites were irradiated with VL+UVA1. Colorimetric and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) assessments were performed immediately, 24 h and 7 days after irradiation. Subjects with SPT I-III had erythema that faded within 24 h, while SPT IV-VI had persistent pigmentation. SPT I-III demonstrated significantly less erythema at the 2% AO site while SPT IV-VI demonstrated significantly less immediate pigmentation at 2% AO site and less pigmentation (approaching significance, P = 0.07) on day 7 compared with control. Immunohistochemistry from biopsies of 2% AO and placebo at 24 h did not demonstrate a significant change in COX-2 or MART-1 for any SPT. There was a decrease in cyclin D1 for SPT IV-VI which was approaching significance (P = 0.06) but not for SPT I-III. The results indicate that topical AO inhibits erythema in SPT I-III and reduces pigmentation in SPT IV-VI caused by VL+UVA1. AO may help prevent worsening of pigmentary disorders and should be incorporated into photoprotection.

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