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Background: Truncal acne is common and burdensome for patients; however, there is paucity of evidence and guidance for the management of truncal acne. Currently, clinical practice guidelines provide very little guidance on the assessment or management of truncal acne.

Objectives: To identify unmet needs in truncal acne and make recommendations to address clinical and management gaps using an international consensus.

Methods: The Personalising Acne: Consensus of Experts panel consisted of 13 dermatologists, who used a modified Delphi approach to reach a consensus on statements related to clinically relevant aspects of truncal acne evaluation and management. A consensus was defined as ≥75% of the panelists voting "agree" or "strongly agree." The voting was electronic and blinded.

Results: The panel identified gaps and made recommendations related to truncal acne identification, assessment, and grading; the evaluation of the impact on patients; and treatment goals and factors to be considered for its management.

Limitations: The recommendations are based on expert opinion, in the absence of high-quality evidence.

Conclusions: We highlighted addressing not just facial acne but also truncal acne during patient consultations. The recommendations made herein may help facilitate the care of patients who present with truncal acne, with or without facial acne.

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