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Photodermatology, photoimmunology & photomedicine


Clothing is recognized by leading health agencies as a primary method to protect against the harmful effects of photodamage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and visible light. The photoprotective capacity of clothing is commonly measured as the ultraviolet protective factor (UPF). While the technology driving photoprotective clothing has been well-established, there continues to be efforts to discover new materials to improve the UPF of clothing. Here, we show increased Google searches for photoprotective clothing over the last decade, suggesting a high level of public interest in photoprotective clothing. In addition, we investigate the frequency of UPF-graded photoprotective clothing sold by large retail stores featured in Fortune 1000. We review factors that alter the UPF of clothing and describe emerging textile technologies used to increase clothing's photoprotective capacity. Finally, we compare how photoprotective clothing is regulated among different countries, the importance of photoprotective clothing in occupational health, and research in visible light and clothing photoprotection.

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