Systemic therapies in vitiligo: a review

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International journal of dermatology


Vitiligo is characterized by the development of depigmented macules and patches. Autoimmunity has been established as a factor in disease pathogenesis, leading to utilization of immunosuppressive agents. Topical immunosuppressants are commonly used; however, this treatment modality is often cumbersome and inefficient, as many patients have active disease with extensive body surface area involvement. Prompt and aggressive treatment of vitiligo is important, as this may prevent progression and improve quality of life. To meet these challenges and improve patient outcomes, interest in systemic therapies has grown. Currently, oral therapies are rarely prescribed, likely due to concerns with systemic side effects and unclear efficacy. This article provides a brief overview on the use of systemic agents in treating vitiligo in order to provide additional therapeutic options to clinicians.

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