Microcystic lymphatic malformation presenting as firm, skin-colored papules of the lips

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Pediatric dermatology


Microcystic lymphatic malformation (MiLM), also known as lymphangioma circumscriptum, is a superficial collection of lymphatic vessels measuring diameter, often with a more extensive deeper malformation. It commonly presents as discrete or grouped plaques of clear or hemorrhagic vesicles classically described as "frogspawn"; however, here we describe a case of its unique presentation as firm papules on the lips of a healthy six-year-old child. These skin-colored papules in the absence of vesicles with lymphatic and/or hemorrhagic fluid may not be clinically indicative of MiLM. This case represents a diagnostic challenge due to the unique morphology of pink, fleshy papules as opposed to the clear or hemorrhagic vesicles typically observed in MiLM.

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